destiny the taken king 3

Bungie’s new Destiny 2.0 The Taken King is out for fans who love sci-fi fantasy shooters.  For $40 you can get your hands on the expansion.  Is the $40 price point worth the cost?  The price is worth it to die-hard Destiny fans who play nothing else, but what about the rest of us who casually game?  Sounds like a personal matter to me. Continue reading


Bungie’s House of Wolves livestream happened earlier today and I missed it!  Bungie did however say they were going to release a copy of the livestream sometime in the near future, so I’ll post it here at Dude Gamer as soon as it comes out.  In the meantime, enjoy the teaser trailer they had just released that gives you an enticing look at the new expansion.

Here are some new feature coming with new expansion, House of Wolves:

  • New “Ascend” upgrade path for legendary or exotic weapons and armor.
  • Re-roll the randomized perks for any new weapon acquired with “Reforge”.
  • New social space to battle in called “The Reef”.  This new battle space will work like the Tower in some respects, (Vault Access, Bounty Tracker Robot, New Queens Wrath Vendors, House of Judgement Gear).
  • In the Tower, the Speaker will act as a trader for old materials.  Exchange materials for Mote of Light, etc.
  • New activities called “Trails of Osiris”, and “Prison of Elders”.
  • Release date is May 19.
  • New Bungie livestreams planned up until the release date.