cover art

halo_5_guardians_art_largeTons of new Halo 5:  Guardians artwork has just been unveiled this week from 343 Industries, the makers of all things Halo these days.  During a new viral marketing campaign a few days ago, 343 Industries released an email to Xbox owners displaying a geometric star map with some clickable stars.  “Look closer”, said the image which when clicked revealed some cryptic image segments to unknowing Halo fans.  I personally thought the email was about Microsoft’s Halo and the #HuntTheTruth advert campaign, but I wasn’t absolutely sure until clicking on the stars of the map myself.  The pics displayed some unintelligible pieces of a much larger picture.  Further research led some reddit users to find the rest of the pieces [displayed above], that assemble the new final cover artwork for Halo 5!  Outstanding work reddit Dudes!  Microsoft and 343i has since released high-res jpegs  of the cover, as well as close-ups of the characters displayed at the bottom corners.

The Spartan II’s on the left obviously shows John-117 along with the rest of his ‘blue team’, Frederic-104, Kelly-087, and Linda-058, who have been depicted in books and novels [Halo:  The Fall of Reach], before the release of the original story and game Halo:  Combat Evolved.  The other Spartans on the right are more mysterious.  We know the lead character is Oni’s Spartan Agent Lock wearing Hunter Armor.  The other three Spartans however are unknown to us.  All of these characters should play a vital role in the story of Halo 5.  Some have speculated that a new cooperative game mode as well as the single player campaign should involve the new Spartans as well!  Enjoy the large pics and the animated cover below.