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Action / RPG / Adventure With Roguelike Elements

In the summer of 2015 after a chain of unrelated events, three old friends came together and decided to create games. Dubbed Laughing Machines, we didn’t notice how our project turned from a tiny game which required only 2-3 months of development into a serious business: several more people have joined our team and after dozens of sleepless nights we’ve decided to demonstrate our debut game – meet UnDungeon!

I love surprising, weird science fiction games and UnDungeon fits that description to a tee.  You’ll get to play as one of seven mysterious alien Heralds each from its own world.  They are the keepers of a device called the “core” which allows them to resurrect each time they die.  UnDungeon throws these worlds together which were first thought unreachable by several light years of space travel.  The cataclysmic event called “The Shift”, which is far beyond human understanding caused this and has hence made the Earth a more dangerous place.  A multiverse of parallel worlds was created that exist multi-dimensionally where you get to fight these alien species.

The game-play looks fun and the pixel style of artwork is really beautiful and refreshing.  The seven alien character species are definitely odd and all have their own unique powers and abilities.  The combat system is intricate allowing players to fight in real time using artifacts and amplifiers to counter an opposing threat!  The developers at Laughing Machines are making the game using realistic physics for in-game projectiles, debris, bouncing, and grenades.

UnDungeon is slated to be released January 2018 on the PC, Mac, and Linux.  The game is currently a Kick Starter project and should also be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita as further funded stretch goals are met.  The developers need your help to make the project a reality.  I am definitely backing the project and have already donated 15 euros.  I’d love to play this game on PC, but I would really like to play the game on my PS4 in wide screen HD with surround sound!  Check out the video below and I think you might be impressed.  You can donate to the Kick Starter campaign here if you would like.  I would like to say good luck to Laughing Machines in making such an interesting and odd sci-fi fantasy style of game wrapped in a gorgeous pixel skin!