Sleeper Simulant

The days of worshipping the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher in Destiny are over.  Now, the next most sought after weapon in the game looks to be the mysterious Sleeper Simulant.  Sleeper Simulant?  The name seems synonymous  with a WWE wrestling move.  I think that is appropriate.  Why is the weapon mysterious?  Because, the Sleeper has been touted by Bungie early on before the release of The Taken King and most do not know how to acquire it.

The Sleeper Simulant is a heavy fusion rifle which looks similar to Pocket Infinity.  The difference is this new angular fusion gun is equipped in a heavy weapon slot like rocket launchers.

Sleeper Simulant is a secret weapon placed in the game for those players who are obsessed with discovering them.  Secrets are a big part of Destiny, and Bungie has buried many of them deep into the game behind weird and crazy requirements that must be unlocked.  Guardians are digging into and dissecting code, lore, and story to reveal the gun.  I’m sure someone will find it soon, and the first Guardian to do that will be written about in the news media around the world.  After that, there will be a ‘mad-dash’ to get one for yourself.  Hell, maybe the thing is a hoax.  I personally don’t think Bungie would be playing sick games with us though.  Good luck Guardians!

Sleeper Simulant Upgrade Path

  • Intrinsic properties:
    Projectile over-penetrates enemies and will ricochet once. Projectile capable of dealing precision damage
  • Barrel column upgrades:
    CQB Ballistics – Bonus to Stability
    Linear Compensator – Bonus to Range, straighter recoil, bonus to Impact. Reduced Stability.
    Accurized Ballistics – Bonus to Range, bonus to Impact. Better Target Acquisition. Reduced Stability.
  • Support Perk:
    Just a Scratch – Reduces aim deflection on incoming rounds while you’re aiming with the weapon. Helps the wielder stay on target during the long charge up.
  • Stat upgrades:
    Speed Reload – faster reload speed
    Perfect Balance – Better Stability
    Single Point Sling – Ready the weapon faster, and faster move speed while aiming.
  • Exotic Perk:
    [Final name TBD] – Increases bounce count of projectile to 5.

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