They mostly come at night…mostly…

Hollywood Collectibles is offering a full life-sized Alien Warrior to serious science fiction fans who love the Alien movie series.  This 1:1 scale Alien statue is designed using some of the same components used to make the original Alien Warriors in the movies.  Posed in a terrifying stance the statue is rigid, but features a semi-posable tail.  The Xenomorph stands at over 80″ (6-7′) and weighs in with a blue lighted base stand at around 100 lbs.

There are only a limited number of Warriors to be made at 150 pieces and cost is a whopping $5999.95. Hey, if your a die-hard fan then go for it!  Some people spend more than that on gaming PCs.  You can get in now on an early bird special and save around $500!  See here!  Wish I had 6 grand to throw away on this lovely beast of a statue!  I’ve been an Alien fan for years and think this would make a great addition to my home office. Would also be fun to leave on the front porch during Halloween!  Oh well, just dreaming.  By the way, you can set up a 12 month payment plan with Hollywood Collectibles Group with an $800 deposit.  You’ll have to pay for the shipping yourself as well.

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