Far Cry:  Primal release February 23, 2016!

Whoa, wait one minute!  Didn’t Ubisoft just release Far Cry 4 last year? Already another Far Cry?  Already?  Well, alrighty then!  Teams at Ubisoft working on separate iterations of Far Cry simultaneously is something I didn’t expect.  Maybe the Far Cry series is going to be released every year like Call of Duty.  I think that would be ok as long as the game-play stays fresh.  All Far Cry games like Call of Duty have basically the same gameplay style.  Climb a tower and open a new region, take over an enemy camp without being detected, collect all totems in an area and so on.  Last years Far Cry 4 is great although some people think that it is Far Cry 3 with a new coat of paint integrating itself into a new environment.

Far Cry:  Primal could be something all together different in one sense, but probably the same in others.  Objectives would most likely be the same.  Exploration, collecting items, upgrading and unlocking weapons through missions mingled with an interesting story would be similar.  This time though the game is set during the Stone Age.  No guns this time!  Well, what about dinosaurs?  Nope!  They all died out by the time man came along.  Sabre Tooth cats?  Yes!  Wooly Mammoths?  Yes!  Evil warrior tribal combat?  Yes!  Rituals?  Yes! Dude interested?  Yes, bring it on Ubisoft!

Although no guns were invented during the Stone Age, they will have fire.  Fire!  Fire!  Fire!  Far Cry games are notorious for their fire! Burning your foes out of a cave would be fun.  Slinging arrows and rocks at enemy tribesmen sounds fun as well.  Hope this isn’t just a sub style game like Far Cry:  Blood Dragon, but a full fledged game. Dude will definitely be playing this!

Check out the developer diary from Ubisoft below.

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