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Bungie’s new Destiny 2.0 The Taken King is out for fans who love sci-fi fantasy shooters.  For $40 you can get your hands on the expansion.  Is the $40 price point worth the cost?  The price is worth it to die-hard Destiny fans who play nothing else, but what about the rest of us who casually game?  Sounds like a personal matter to me.

Destiny:  The Taken King is filled with lots of content, much more than your average DLC.  This is not just the Dark Below or House of Wolves where you can ‘whip through’ the content in one afternoon setting aside the raid.

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The level cap from the House of wolves was set at 34.  The Taken King level cap has been moved to 40. These are normal levels, not light levels.  Those of you who are die-hard players probably began the new expansion at level 34 and were probably able to ascend to 40 level cap in no time.  There are reports that players were able to level the 6 steps without much trouble.  This could be frustrating for some who expect more of a challenge when it comes to leveling.  Others may feel a new level cap may be unwarranted or not needed with the expansion.

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Now, new weapons come with every expansion, but the weapons in The Taken King eclipse those of the past in Destiny.  Collecting new and exotic weapons is the biggest reason we play Destiny, and let me tell you, these are more interestingly detailed and colorful.  These new guns make the old ones look like crap in my humble opinion.  The beautiful gun metal greens and blues in The Taken King armory are strikingly bold.  These weapons will make your friends in Destiny very jealous, so start building your Legendary Marks to acquire them.  Collecting Marks reportedly will take the average player some time, like starting over in the original game up to level 20.  This is a fresh challenge to fanatical players which is why Bungie added these new hard to acquire weapons to the Taken King in the first place.

titan sunbreaker

The Taken Kings new sub-classes will definitely make you feel like a complete bad-ass!  All of these come with a unique skill tree to be unlocked after acquiring.  The Titan Sun Breaker wields a sweet flaming hammer to demolish foes.  The Warlock’s Stormcaller can fire lightening from the characters fingertips like a Sith Lord.  The Hunter’s Nightstalker can fire a magic anchor that will slow down his enemies.  Each class is fresh and unique, and again will make you feel completely powerful on the battlefield.

So if these alone don’t merit the $40 cost in your opinion then take a look at what else is included in the list below.  I didn’t mention the new campaign story missions, the new revamped Vanguard Strike Playlists, or the “twist” for the new raid, King’s Fall.  Take a gander below and talk to your friends, then decide.  Destiny is meant to be a shared experience.

[Source:  VG247]


Oryx and his evil army are headed your way.

Fight them on a moon of Mars (Phobos).

Requires a minimum level of 25 to begin.


New Vanguard and Crucible bounties.

Year One moments of Triumph are now locked in history and cannot be progressed.

VIP ‘Founders Fortune’ rewards are distributed in the Tower.

“Spark of Light” Level 25 character boost consumable available at the Postmaster.


These now again offer rewards.

Daily Heroics

Level 40 required.

Includes missions from year 1 and 2.

Vanguard Strike Missions

3 new Strike playlists:

-Legacy – Available to all players.  Includes all Year One Strikes (Dust Palace, and Undying Mind).

-Vanguard – All new Taken King Strikes and 3 remixed Year One Strikes (Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Cerberus Vae III).

– Vanguard Heroic Strike Playlist – All new Taken King Strikes and 3 remixed Year One Strikes (Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Cerberus Vae III).

Earn bonus rewards on weekly completion – Legendary Engram (1 time per character), +10 Legendary Marks (3 times per account).

If you don’t return to orbit while playing multiple Strikes your chances of rewards increase.

Taken King and Updated Strikes feature random encounters and could contain Taken enemies.


Wiping a darkness zone no longer kicks you to orbit.

Resurrection timer is now a 30 second cool-down.


Year 2 is now in effect.

New Year 2 core playlists are:  Rift, Control, Clash, Skirmish, Salvage, Rumble, Elimination.

If Trials of Osiris is active, Elimination will only be playable via Trials playlist.

New featured Daily and Weekly activities are available.

Year One Core Playlists contain Classic 6 v 6, 3 v 3,  and FFA.


Now exchange Legendary Marks for Legendary Engrams.

Engrams randomly selected by each Crypt-arch on Tuesday.

Legendary Engrams no longer produce simple materials.

Rare Armor Engrams have chance to produce Artifacts instead of Armor.


Armsday (Wednesday), Banshee 44 accepts orders for new Foundry Weapons to characters at Gunsmith Rank 1 or higher.  Higher Ranks allow placement of more orders per week.


Legendary Armor added to Speaker’s inventory.


PvP Quests now provided to players (Level 5).

Shaxx carries set of Weekly Crucible Bounties with Nightfall equivalent rewards for completing all five in one week.


Arcite carries set of weekly Crucible Weapon Bounties.


Vanguard Quartermaster now exchanges old Class Armor materials for new unified Armor materials.

Queen’s Wrath

Petra has new Bounties available in the reef upon completing a new quest.

The Bounties will drop a Treasure Key the first time one is completed each week.


Vanguard and Crucible Marks depreciate and are converted to Commendations (rate of 50:1).

Legendary Loot drop rates are increased across all activities.

Legendary Marks now earnable by completing Daily Story Chapters, Weekly Heroic Strikes, Daily PvP Activities, Weekly PvP Activies, and Dismantling Year Two Legendary items.

Strike Rewards now drop from bosses instead of PGCR, except for Sepiks Prime.

Strikes reward tables now include items for all Armor and Weapon slots.

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