I’m totally excited to see another Avengers movie!  The characters are fantastic…and Black Widow has the finest tush in Hollywood.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Tushee not seen in this clip, sorry.  Avengers:  Age of Ultron release date May 1st!


The new update for Halo:  The Master Chief Collection has been released that addresses Halo 3 audio, forge, ranking, parties, quitters, etc.  Been playing the game myself today and matchmaking seems to be steadily improving as well.  Really enjoying those over 100 multiplayer maps included!  343 Industries is also making room for a remastered Halo 3:  ODST and a remastered Relic map next month for free to those who purchased the game between November 11 and December 19 as sort of a apology.  No word on pricing beyond the free release.

Here’s a quote from 343i:

Additionally, we’re excited about the progress of the Relic multiplayer map remake and the Campaign for Halo 3: ODST, both of which are on track to release within Halo: The Master Chief Collection next month with our next content update.



Bungie’s House of Wolves livestream happened earlier today and I missed it!  Bungie did however say they were going to release a copy of the livestream sometime in the near future, so I’ll post it here at Dude Gamer as soon as it comes out.  In the meantime, enjoy the teaser trailer they had just released that gives you an enticing look at the new expansion.

Here are some new feature coming with new expansion, House of Wolves:

  • New “Ascend” upgrade path for legendary or exotic weapons and armor.
  • Re-roll the randomized perks for any new weapon acquired with “Reforge”.
  • New social space to battle in called “The Reef”.  This new battle space will work like the Tower in some respects, (Vault Access, Bounty Tracker Robot, New Queens Wrath Vendors, House of Judgement Gear).
  • In the Tower, the Speaker will act as a trader for old materials.  Exchange materials for Mote of Light, etc.
  • New activities called “Trails of Osiris”, and “Prison of Elders”.
  • Release date is May 19.
  • New Bungie livestreams planned up until the release date.





Conversations with retired military paint very different pictures of John. More questions arise about John’s home planet and his involvement in a violent training incident. The cracks in the official account widen.



Bungie released a new Destiny patch today with several big fixes and improvements.  Most notably in this patch are increased vault size as well as several Strike and Raid fixes which have been frustrating players.

Player vaults have increased in size from 20 items in each group to 24 pieces of armor, 36 weapons, and 24 general items.  I know I’ve been running out of space on a regular basis.  This improvement applies to all console users, but unfortunately due to memory problems all Xbox 360 and PS3 players will no longer be able to compare items in the vault to what is located in their inventories.  This is due to lacking memory of past consoles and Bungie was forced to make concessions in one area or another to allow the vault change to go into effect on early hardware.

New audio and visual improvements are also present that allow users to mute the Destiny musical score as well as improvement for color blind players.  One very welcome improvement for me is the item lock feature which prevents the player from accidentally dismantling items.  I’ve cursed myself for this in the past, but no more!  Click here to review full patch notes from Bungie.


halo_onlineRussians are a very lucky people.  They get to play a new Halo game called Halo Online, developed by Sabre Interactive and Innova Systems.  Of course the game is developed under the watchful eye of 343 Industries, a Microsoft wholly owned computer gaming company that focuses specifically on Halo and the Halo franchise.

Halo Online is only being released in Russia for reasons unknown to us.  I personally think that Russia was chosen specifically as a closed beta test country for several reasons.  First, low-end PC users.  Russia is known for its abundance of ‘low end’ PCs.  Unlike other parts of the world where games are usually marketed, Russians don’t have a high quantity of high-end gaming PC users in its population.  Russians do game, but unlike their North American counterparts it’s probably easier to sort out game performance for a game using an old game technology [Halo 3 Engine] where there aren’t so many different types of new hardware.  Second, lots of hackers.  There are many, many computer hackers in Russia.  Microsoft and 343i surely knew this expecting these people to target the game and hack Halo Online right away.  In my opinion, this would help facilitate development during the beta test to block these ‘game invaders’ and root out problems.  Third, recruitment.  Russia is not only a place where hackers and game exploiters reside, but it is a country were several game-modder groups hang out.  Modders are already causing problems with the game, illegally re-writing Halo Online’s launcher and data files.  This is certainly a problem for any game developer who doesn’t want to have its game exploited.  This again is just my opinion, but Microsoft could go so far as to recruit and pay these individuals to further develop the game.  Not only can Microsoft do this since these modders are probably Halo fans and have the required computer skills, but hiring from this specific group of “programmers” also protects the code from hackers since these Russian coders already have inside information about the latest techniques everyone in the hacker community uses.

halo_online_large_headerThink that a game using old technology running on low-end PCs has no chance of making real money?  Think again.  Counter Strike has been making great money for Valve Corporation for years. Counter Strike is a huge target for hackers and modders as well.  Despite these threats, Valve’s game is hugely successful on gaming consoles as well as lower end PCs.  Microsoft realizes that and is making large moves with to get in on the online game business model.  With dedicated servers and utilizing modders who are fans of Halo, Microsoft’s new game should be fairly successful!

Check out the latest gameplay with Halo Online 60fps: